Monday, July 16, 2018

Amazon Back to School Essentials Kit Bundle

  1. Great kit that includes all essentials you will need to get the kids back to school. Kit includes everything in the photo but colors may vary.
  2. 8 Dixon #2 pencils, 1- 1" binder, 2 spiral notebooks wide ruled, 2 wide ruled composition notebooks, 2 2-pocket paper folders with center prongs, 1 12" wooden ruler, 10 Crayola "washable" markers, 24 Crayola crayons, 12 Crayola sharpened color pencils, 2 Elmers school glue sticks, 1 Elmers school glue 4oz, 1 double sharpener, 2 pink erasers, 1 kids scissors, 1 hard pencil box
  3. Quality durable products for kids ages K-8
  4. This is a great bundle for basic essentials and more. Name brands: Crayola, Dixon, Fiskars, and Elmers.

Glokers First Through Fifth Grade School Supply Set, All Inclusive Elementary Supplies Bundle, Also a Complete Package of Drawing Materials for Preschool, School Supply Kit
  • SET INCLUDES - Nylon mesh pencil bag, pencil top erasers, 6 pencils, red and black pens, Elmers glue stick, scissors, sharpener, Crayola crayons 24 pack, Crayola markers 10 pack, highlighter, ruler, 3 folders, looseleaf filler paper, marble composition notebook, 2 spiral notebooks

Back to School Supplies Kit for Third to Fifth Grade Kids: The Complete Classroom Supply Bundle - Set of 20 Elementary School Essentials - Crayola Art, Elmer's Glue, pens, Pencils, Paper
  • EVERYTHING INCLUDED: Crayola 24-pack crayons, 8-pack color pencils, 8-pack markers; Elmer’s stick glue; 8 pencils, 4 black pens, 2 red pens, yellow highlighter, scissors, 12” wooden ruler, metal sharpener, eraser, mesh-window pencil case, 1 notebook, 1 spiral notebook, 2 folders, 100 index cards, pack of paper filler, small Kleenex tissues, Purell sanitizer.
  • NO SHARPENING NECESSARY: Pencils and color-pencils come pre-sharpened. All supplies are brand new in manufacturer’s original packaging. Start the year on the right path to support your child’s education with these high-quality office supplies for kids!
  • NAME BRAND QUALITY: Unlike other kits that contain cheap off-brand supplies, the Dilabee school kit includes items from Crayola Art, Elmer’s, Universal, and other high-end supply brands for guaranteed quality!

School Supply Bundle for Middle to High School Students
  • Contains: 1 1" Binder, 4 Folders with prongs and pockets, 1 pack of graph paper, 1 pack of paper (college ruled), 4 spiral notebooks
  • 2 packs of index cards, 2 pink erasers, 5 mechanical pencils, 5 black pens, 5 blue pens, 2 red pens, 5 cap erasers, 1 dry erase marker, 1 glue stick, 1 pair of scissors, 2 highlighters, 1 pencil pouch.
  • Perfect kit for easy back-to-school shopping! (Colors may vary)

  • EVERYTHING INCLUDED: 4 blue pens, 4 black pens, 2 red pens, 1 mesh-window pencil case, 4-pack sticky notes, 3 mechanical pencils, 1 looseleaf paper filler, 3 spiral notebooks, 1 1.5" binder, 100-pack index cards, 2 folders, 1 yellow highlighter, 1 Bic whiteout.
  • NO SHARPENING NECESSARY: Mechanical pencils are easy to use and eliminate messy sharpening. All supplies are brand new in manufacturer’s original packaging. Start the year on the right path with these high-quality office supplies for kids!
  • GREAT QUALITY: Unlike other kits that contain cheap off-brand supplies that may break apart quickly, the Dilabee school kit includes quality supplies for guaranteed durability that will last the year!
  • 5-STAR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Whether you’re shopping for school supplies for your kids or looking to donate to other children in need, this all-in-one school supply kit is sure to hit the mark! Rest assured your purchase is covered under our MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Love it or get your money back!

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