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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Lesson Plan on Literary Elements and Descriptive Words/ Poetry

SUBJECT:            Literature
LEVEL:                 Sec. 2
DURATION:       2 periods (70 minutes)
TIME FRAME:    Week 5, Term 1
Text:      About Literature (Volume 2)
Skill:       Poetry Writing
Topic:    Literary Elements and Descriptive Words/ Poetry
TB pages 12, 14

Pre- requisite:
Lesson Objectives:
        By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
         1. identify the dominant tone in the poem.
         2. explain how the poet achieved such a tone.
         3. ascertain the atmosphere used in the poem.






Image of two roads
flashed on screen.



-activate schema.





Tone and Atmosphere

Haiku (Basho; translated by Lucien Stryk)

The New Kid On The Block
(Jack Prelutsky)



“What are the words that deepen the understanding of the poem by appealing to the different senses: sight, touching, smelling, hearing, tasting?”




Analyse the

Analyse how.

Explore the.

Analyse the.

Thinking Skills
Analyse the importance of imagery in writing poetry.
Ascertain the need for literary device such as imagery in poetry.

Individual Task and Homework
(ITC Integration)
Recap of Lesson:
Reinforce lesson on the importance of imagery in poetry.

Thinking Question (Exit Slip): How does imagery help you in revealing the bigger picture being conveyed in a poem?

Students are to write poem that would use imagery. Their works will be posted on their class blog and best works will be published in the school publication.
Students apply and recall what they have learned.

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