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Monday, July 9, 2018

Sample Significance of the Study for Chapter 1-Thesis Writing

(From my thesis, “Enhancing Proficiency in Communication through Campus Journalism”)

Significance of the Study
This study deals also on the determination of the students’ proficiency in communication as demonstrated by first year students of The Sto. Niño Formation and Science School, Rosario, Batangas with the full intention of assessing students’ proficiency in communication as related to the campus journalism. Significantly, results of the study may give due importance to the following:

To Schools Superintendent. The findings of the study may provide relevant information to schools superintendents on how the campus journalism could be the basis for enhancing students’ proficiency in communication.

To English Supervisor. The results of the study may provide information to supervisors on the status of proficiency of students’ communication. As such, the results may guide them the valid data needed which could be used in planning the journalism activities which could aid the students’ development.

To Department Heads of English Subject. The results may serve as valuable inputs to the department heads of English subject on how their teachers and students pair each other as far as the indicators considered are concerned. The data gathered will help them adjust to the kind and quality of supervisory activities they have to effect in the discharge of their functions.

To English Teachers and School Paper Advisers. The data and information gathered may provide information to guide students on the status of their students in English and Journalism. The data obtained could provide them some insights in the preparations of their daily plans in the subject and in the preparation of journalism activities.

To Students. The data and information gathered may provide information to guide students on the status of their performance based on the indicators enumerated.

To Future Researchers. The findings of the study may provide opportunities to future researchers to conduct another study using the same variables. Such process may help confirm or negate the findings researched in this endeavor.

To Parents. The success of this study may benefit the parents in terms of acquiring considerable amount of data and information on how to guide and support their children on their journalism activities so that they could develop better relationship both the learners and the institution.

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