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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Sample Feature Article about a Teacher

A fresh graduate from one of the premier university in the Philippines, Mr. Christopher Todd Gates vied for a teaching position in a Science school in his native place with not much experience but plenty of perseverance and determination.

From there, he journeyed to the top guided by the principle of showing excellence whatever ventures he embarks into. With his promising leadership skill, he was entrusted with major responsibilities despite of his young age. In the same school, he mastered the craft of teaching Maths and helped students with learning difficulties.

Fueled by aspiration to move further in the ladder of success, he decided to look for a greener pasture. His sacrifice to leave his comfort zone was not futile because shortly thereafter, he found more challenging opportunities in this university.

From an unexperienced teacher, Mr. Gates ventured into the next phase of his journey in a foreign land. This time however, he is steel-clad with the experiences he gained from the first school where he taught.

His strong tenacity to excel in his craft inspired him to instill the same to his students. Thus, it is no wonder then how he continuously reaps successes by helping students achieve their maximum potentials.

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