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Monday, March 25, 2019

Traverse in Excellence: BBS Yearbook 2016 Introduction

In every institution, the silence of the halls could only attest to the days gone by. Each nook and corner an indiscernible witness to every story and echoed the dreams and aspirations that transpired. A poignant reminder that each trivial memory is an important part of the journey.

This year’s struggle to finish the race with excellence was fueled with sweat, tears and unseen sacrifices. There were formidable challenges but each feat watered the unwavering commitment to achieve the pinnacle of success. The journey of excellence is therefore defined by the very core of the ruminations wrapped with cries and laughter, frustrations and realizations, dauntless resolve to learn even when the time is not conducive, and inexplicable happiness when finally, successes were achieved.

It is undeniable that the halls and walls became a silent witness of beautiful stories created by batch 2015- 2016. We have earned more than just awards but also carved inspirations to bequeath the streak of excellence.

It’s a beautiful TRAVERSE OF EXCELLENCE, one that God unfailingly guided with His loving hands. As this leaf is about to close, the ripples of time remind us, time indeed flies so fast. However, the memories are deeply engraved in the deepest recesses of our hearts. Congratulations, Batch 2016!

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