Monday, June 4, 2018

Lesson Plan on Directed Writing (Cambridge Descriptive Writing)

Grade 9
Duration: 70 minutes

Skill:       Writing
Topic:    Descriptive Writing

Pre- requisite:
   Synonyms and Antonyms
Lesson Objectives:
        By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
         1. explain the importance of appropriate words in descriptive writing.
         2. use descriptive words in revealing places, time, people and things in descriptive writing.
         3. write narratives that use convincing, original, overall picture with varieties of focus.



Video of the movie trailer, “One Day in the Life of
Ivan Denisovich”
-students reflect on the video and the message it conveys.

- students write the words that they can think of to describe how the place, the people, time, and the things look like in the worksheet given.

-Discuss briefly the responses given.
-make instructional decisions about student’s strengths and needs.

-activate schema and determine flexible grouping pattern.

Descriptive Writing
(Place, time, people and things)

Students are to discuss the following as regard to the topic sentences using Kagan Cooperative   Learning
(Stand Up, Hand Up, Pair Up)

“What are the words used in the literary text that gave a clear picture of the place, time, people and things?”

“How do descriptive words help in creating a mental picture of what is being described?”

“What feelings are evoked with the descriptive words used in the story?”

“From the descriptions given, what can you deduce regarding the theme of the story?”

Analyze the appropriate words used in range of purposes.

Analyze how words help in writing effective descriptive writing.

Analyze the effects of words used in writing descriptions.

Analyze the theme as elucidated by the descriptive words used.

Thinking Skills
How do descriptive words help in making a clear picture of what is being described?

Ascertain topic sentences

Individual Task
Thinking Question: How   does topic sentences help in discussing your different points based on the thesis statement?
Analyze the importance of topic sentences in writing speech.
Individual Task and Homework
Recap of Lesson:
Students will complete the KWL chart completing the part where they need to write what they learned about topic sentences.
Students write topic sentences based from the thesis statement given.

Students can apply and recall what they have learned.

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