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Commonly Misspelled Words- Part 1
     Accept and Except
     Adverse and Averse
     Aisle and Isle
     All together and Altogether
     Along and A Long
     Advice and Advise
     Affect and Effect
     Altar and Alter
     Amoral and Immoral
     Aloud and Allowed
     Aural and Oral
     Appraise and Apprise
     Assent and Ascent
     Bazaar and Bizarre
     Bare and Bear
     Bated and Baited
     Born and Borne
     Bough and Bow
     Berth and Birth
     Breach and Breech
     Broach and Brooch
     Brake and Break
     Cereal and Serial
     Chord and Cord
     Canvas and Canvass
     Coarse and Course
     Complacent and Complaisant
     Climactic and Climatic
     Elicit and Illicit
     Fawn and Faun
     Currant and Current
     Defuse and Diffuse
     Cue and Queue
     Dual and Duel
     Disinterested and Uninterested
     Discreet and Discrete

Commonly Misspelled Words- Part 2
     Among and Amongst
     Ensure, Assure and Insure
     Breath and Breathe
     Capital and Capitol

Commonly Misspelled Words- Part 3
     Complement and Compliment
     E.g. and I.e.
     Emigrate and Immigrate
     Empathy and Sympathy
     Farther and Further

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