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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

5 Effective Ways to Teach Spelling

Even with the massive evolution of technology and the way it is viewed as an aid in education, it can not be denied that learning how to spell correctly still remains an invaluable lesson in mastering other skills such as writing and reading. The truth is, SPELLING CHECKERS do not always catch wrong spelling!

Researchers point to the fact that writers who must think too hard about how to spell use up valuable cognitive resources needed for higher level aspects of composition (Singer and Bashir, 2004). Poor ability to spell correctly invariably affects the creative power needed in composition and other forms of writing.

Here are the five trends in teaching spelling:


1. Develop Phonemic Awareness. Good spellers start early. Phonemic awareness is a subset of phonological awareness in which listeners are able to hear, identify and manipulate phonemes, the smallest units of sound that can differentiate meaning (Wikipedia). Young spellers can separate the spoken word into distinct phonemes and try to spell it. Another way to teach phonemic awareness is introducing poems, rhymes and songs. This is the first strategy that must be taught to kids as they start spelling from simple to complex words.

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2. Say the word-spell the word-say the word again. This strategy is very effective when working on the irregular spelling patterns. Writing the word then saying each letter again also helps in mastery. In fact, most of my students find it very effective to write difficult words ten times. Using the sense of sound helps them to remember the correct spelling of the word.

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3. Pre-test-Review-Post-test. Giving a pre-test whenever a teacher introduces a new set of words allows the teacher to assess the knowledge of the students regarding the spelling of a particular word. The pre-test will reveal which words are too easy and which ones are too difficult. This will also give the teacher an idea on the mastery skill practice that she can implement to help struggling students like posting the most difficult word on the “Spelling Corner Board”, utilizing games and other activities that would aid in mastery.


4.  Highlight the Double Letters. Most of the commonly misspelled words are those with double letters. Say the word, write it, and highlight the double letters. Identifying the location of the double letters and saying it would also help such as first ‘m’ is double.

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5.   Spelling Pattern Discovery. Teaching the children how to navigate the tricks in spelling pattern is very effective. In a way, this is teaching them independence since they will be encountering many difficult words when they are self-studying or even writing compositions. Explore with them common spelling patterns such as ie, ei, ea, ou, uo and ight. Give them samples of words with these patterns and build on the word families. Using these words in sentences will also help them in remembering these patterns.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Free Download eBook of Hundreds of Synonyms

Writing requires more than a high level of skills in English. There is also a need to be creative with the word usage to avoid being dull and uninteresting. Your ability to use different words can improve how to communicate your ideas effectively.

Here’s a free eBook which contains printable list of words and their synonyms. Download HERE. 

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